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Working at AutoBinck Group

Working at AutoBinck Group

AutoBinck Group is a portfolio company that makes innovative, sustainable mobility and energy solutions accessible to all. This Dutch family business innovates in the mobility and energy markets and is constantly looking for ways to engage in innovative and — above all — sustainable entrepreneurship.


AutoBinck Group's portfolio consists of dozens of companies that can be divided into four divisions: Car Distribution, Leasing, Mobinck, and Ebinck. All companies under the umbrella of AutoBinck Group are different, but people, entrepreneurship, innovation, a long-term view, and sustainability are always paramount.

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AutoBinck Group is a Dutch family-owned business focusing on mobility and energy. All our 1,700 employees work to ensure that AutoBinck moves in line with changes in the world, innovates and continues to lead the way. AutoBinck has now grown to be a leading player in the European mobility market. AutoBinck also invests in the accessibility of sustainable energy by making sustainability in housing (financially) available to all.

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